I started a new book the other day, Moonwalking with Einstein, & after only three chapters I had to put some thoughts to paper.  These are an ad hoc mixture of ideas, some half-formed:

  • Expertise requires memory, knowledge, experience
  • Experts literally remember more, break rule of 7
  • Memorizing used to be expected
  • This was how information was internalized, how it became part of you
  • How to memorize also taught
  • New experience, novel experiences always compared/filtered thru past experience, thru our memories


First, students are not experts as defined thus far, because:

  1. they do not have enough experience;
  2. they are not taught how to remember;
  3. they are no longer expected to remember.

We externalize our collective memory – google, flickr, instagram, phone contacts (when was the last time you remembered a phone number?!).  Does this mean just because I can ‘google’ it, it’s meaningless knowledge and not worth remembering?


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