I Enjoy My Job

In the midst of tremendous stress Wednesday, I had an epiphany…maybe not so much an epiphany as a mini-revelation: doing my job is stress free.

I had several drop-dead deadlines this day: finish compiling resources for our department LDC rollout, get them copied and delivered to each faculty member so they could start Friday; finalize a week and a half of lesson plans; coordinate & supervise a small group of students implementing a fundraiser (speak with janitors to get tables, rewrite & personalize a sponsorship letter, determine work schedules, create & print flyers, get contact information for different service organizations); coordinate with the other sponsor (Thank goodness for her!) to meet a registration/payment deadline next week for our conference in February and discuss officer & general meetings next week; arrange equipment and materials for two labs this week & three next in Chemistry; get copies of case studies & practice sheets for anatomy; and get the initial equipment/chemicals needing to be ordered for the beginning of the semester to the co-chair in the department. Plus, in spite of my list, I still didn’t get everything done. Aagh! On the upside, I really did get a lot accomplished Monday and Tuesday. Oh, and the final stressor, the reason for this mad three-day dash and the week of lesson plans, the outpatient surgery on Thursday (my first ever & yes, I am apparently a wuss).

All this was on my mind, taking up each spare moment I had, but it would completely disappear when I worked with my students explaining a concept, guiding them thru a problem, speaking to the class or individuals. Simply put, I was relaxed; I was in the flow; I would go as far as to say, it was the most relaxing thing I did during the day.

Not exactly mind-blowing I realize; and yet a reminder I really love what I am paid to do every day. Equally important to me, the real stress from my job is not from my job. As such I need to remember, the other stuff, the extraneous stuff, vying for my attention may need accomplished, but it should not consume my energy and take away what I have in my classroom with my students.


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