One of the students in NHS wanted to start a project, more a documentation project related to our service for the year.  She wanted to have the members share something, everyday, about what service they did that day for the next 365 days. This seemed like a great idea!  It was both a way to focus on our purpose in Honor Society and to build camaraderie within the organization. I created a smore flyer and we are sharing it via Remind101 (which by the way if you are not using this service you’re missing out), our Facebook community page, my school twitter and my Pinterist (why not?).  We simply jumped in, hoping to be followed by the rest.

I write this because of the tweet shared by @stardiver below:

How cool was this, right!?  I can do this, especially now that I have my first smartphone.  (I’m mom’s favorite!  Of course, I’m mom’s only, but I’m still her favorite.)  What this means, for me right now, amidst my already full plate (which includes two brand-spanking-shiny-new classes to teach this semester that I’m still organizing, an NHS conference in Chicago slated for February, fundraising for said trip, planning an LDC roll-out department-wide in January), is I have to be as committed as I expect my students to be with our NHS project.  Yes,  it’s every day for a year.  As a friend reminded me several years ago, though, you make time for what’s important to you.  Decision made, I signed up and downloaded the Project 360 app to the phone, which as an aside I may add to my iPad, too and created a shuttercal account.  Here’s to jumping in feet first.

venspired.com (link in tweet)

venspired.com (link in tweet)


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