Show Up

Secret to Success? Show up. Thus, was the advice from Bill Eamon, the Dean of the Honors College, to our small group of high school students. The importance of being engaged, being challenged, becoming a leader, requires completely being there, where ever there is, doing whatever it is you’re doing. To succeed, you have to show up and be involved.

Being a success requires more than position. The point: to lead is not the same as being first; being in front is not the same as being a leader. This is, I think, one of the goals of honor societies: to learn to lead through service.

Commonality between great leaders? Principles. It is the principles of the leaders that can take a group, a club, a nation to great heights (Lincoln, Ghandi) or to great evils (Hitler.) A not-quite perfect quote of Nick Miller, our chosen Key Note speaker. He is the current news director for the university’s student run, television newscast and former anchor man (Fayetteville, Ar to Huntsville, Al – during the Challenger disaster, and finally in El Paso, Tx).

Both men succinctly made the point that substance matters. Yet both men did much more than just talk about it; they embodied this belief. They showed up, they listened, they gave of their time, they got involved.


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