Skype Flipping from Quarantine

A quick update, as today was the first day of using Skype to keep in touch with my classes. As I’m relegated to home because of shingles, this was one of the solutions suggested. Plus, it turns out, I can be the guinea pig for a colleague heading to Alaska in March.

It seemed to work okay.

The students, of course, were slightly enthralled by the strangeness of having me speak to them from the computer. The substitute (great favor to get her: grandma-type, but easy going, willing to be interrupted by and do these different things) was actually thrilled to be “brought into the 21st century.”

The real test will be in a couple of days when I try to lead Anatomy through a case study. In the mean time, the quick check ins at the beginning and end of class, and being available for them if they made a call to get a question answered (as a couple of students did in first and second periods), definitely met the expectation I had when using it.

Though, I’m hoping a second opinion will change my current time line of time off, this is a nice enough substitute to keep my presence in the classroom and keep me from feeling like I abandoned my class.


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