Book Challenge Gauntlet

IGreek Coffee have to admit, I have a thing for books.  When I traveled to Athens, one of the must sees on the trip: a 7-story book store (amazing!).  There is nothing like the smell of books and coffee; it’s universal.

The point is I love to read.  I can never get away from Barnes & Noble or Coas (our local used book exchange) with only one book; it’s like the old Lays commercial, you can’t take just one.  Even when I travel, I buy books.  My last trip was to San Diego and LA and I had to go buy an extra duffle to fly the books I’d bought on the trip home.

I can sort of justify this compulsion as I assign my upper level students a Literacy Glog; thus, I have to buy and read more books because, “Hey, I might be able to use this in class.”  (At least that’s part of the reason why I have 5 or 6 Anatomy Atlas’s.)  And, all these books have to be organized, right?  So, I keep it simple: what I’ve read, what I’ve started, and what is waiting for its turn.  All of this leading to the Book-a-Week challenge laid out by @samevns on his laid-back science blog.  Basically, I’m going to do my best to meet this challenge, but I’m going to cheat in the beginning.  The first books I’m going to read are the ones in the ‘books I’ve started’ section of the shelf.  First up, Napoleon’s Buttons or Five Quarts…I’ll let you know.

One last note, this challenge also gave me the idea of sharing the books I’ve loved and learned from (the new page Worth Reading.)  Not sure about the best way to present them on the page, but I’ll figure that out as I go.



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